215 days left

Day 150

Yay! Kids are back in school. I love them but I also love my routines. My place is worse off now because everyone was home for the holidays. Now that everyone is back to their regular schedule, it’s my turn to get back in trying to lose weight and to making my home awesome. Ask me how I’m going to get this accomplished and I can honestly tell you…I don’t know, lol. I just now that I have a lot of work cut out for me.

I think I just have to figure a routine in which I can tackle one corner and one pound at a time. Who says stay-at-home moms don’t do any work. Trust me…there is always stuff to do when you want a happy home. Yes, I can be lazy and not do much, but I would be falling back into my bad habits. Procrastination!! Yuck!!! It has become a 10-letter bad word for me, lol. I dread it so much that the thought of it just stresses me out.

Stress is so bad for me…I eat when I stress out. So it’s like this…

Procrastinate–>Stress out–>Over eat–>Gain weight–> Get depressed–>…and back to Procrastinating.

It’s an awful cycle!

It becomes vital for me to tackle procrastination, because it just doesn’t end well. I also got to remember that I’m not the only one affected by this cycle. My kids, husband, my sisters, other family, and even my social network gets affected. I used to get a lot of invites to Happy Hour, a night out with the girls, or just hanging out with family/friends. I would get so embarrassed of my weight that I kept making excuses and now I don’t get invited anywhere. I’ve become so isolated that it even scares me to leave my place. Sometimes, I feel like a hermit of some kind. I know that no one deserves this, including myself. Procrastinating has caused a great deal in my weight gain and depression, and I just can’t allow it any longer.

I think the plan for right now is….little by little….step-by-step….and maybe before my 365 days are up, then I’ll have my life right on track!


* Routines are awesome!

* Procrastination is what?….AWFUL!!!

* Find the factors that trigger your bad habits.

* Tackle or make a plan on how to get rid of those bad habits.

* Take small steps on overcoming your struggles.

* Remind myself…I deserve better!!!

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