123 days left

Day 242

Excuses! We all give ’em, right!? I know that I definitely do. I think that excuses and procrastination are like peanut butter-and-jelly. You can’t have one without the other, usually. I’ve noticed that excuses always seem to get in the way of being productive.

We get so busy with life that we don’t stop to look deep inside of ourselves. What is it that makes us tick? What are the reasons behind each and every decision? Yeah, it can be mind-boggling when you have to analyze every thought and action. It can also be exhausting and even feel trivial. It can probably be too time consuming. I’m not saying everyone should stop and think about everything all the time. If you have a great life and everything always goes the way you want it, then great you don’t have to agree with my point of view. What I’m saying is that I know that we get ourselves in these stupid non-productive cycles that suck the life out of us. I know that I get stuck in these ruts that I feel drained. I think that figuring out what gets you stuck and breaking the habit will liberate you to be a better individual.

I know that I make excuses why I can’t work out, why I can’t clean my home, why I can’t keep up with my paperwork…excuses, excuses, excuses! Yeah, it’s hard! You know why!? It means that I have criticize and take ownership of my own laziness! Well, I finally looked at my excuses and realized that they’re so stupid!

For example,

Problem: I couldn’t work out because I didn’t like how my fat ass looked in my current workout clothes (they were way too tight). Consequence: My excuse didn’t allow me to work out, so I kept gaining weight and kept feeling bad about myself.

Solution: I went and bought newer and better fitting clothes. Resolution: My need to take action allowed me to start running, so I’m now losing weight and feeling great about myself.

Take action against yourself! We’ve all heard of how we can be our biggest enemy…it’s true! Why compete with others? They’re always others that will be on the winning side. I would rather compete against myself and learn who I am, so as to better myself each and every time…I say that’s a WIN-WIN situation!

Today’s Lessons:

* Find your excuses and turn them around.

* Being successful means being a better you.

* Problems should always have a solution, so find it!

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