96 days left

Day 269

I can’t believe that it’s less than 100 days to the end of my journey. I think for a long time, I felt that I was going forward in life but never going anywhere or just going in circles. When I began this journey, I was motivated to push myself to grow stronger but I never realized how it would change my husband and my children.

I’ll be honest…in my mind, I felt my marriage had potential but was becoming lifeless. My husband had become so bitter and angry throughout all the years of financial issues, family problems, and lack of moving forward. He wasn’t the same person that I had married. I had also changed. I wasn’t the fun-loving, sweet, and care-free individual anymore. My kids have always been so sweet, but I realized that, unlike other kids, they never asked for anything for themselves. Even when we offered to buy them something, they accepted it in such an awkward way. I realized that they knew how poor we were that they held back asking for much. They were happy with hugs and kisses. I was proud of them for being so unselfish, but my heart broke.

We are still in a rut, but I feel like we are not letting our situation define who we are. I’m constantly surprised how much we are growing spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We are not church-going people but I strongly believe and love god. It was really hard learning to pray aloud with my family. It wasn’t a practice that neither my husband or I grew up with. I began praying during our family dinners and talk about awkward, lol. It almost started with the “thank you god for this grub, rub-a-dub-dub” kind of prayer. NOW, my kids and husband have really taken this time to better themselves. They pray for our family, and even our enemies.

Our family has been dealing with a bully messing with my son, and we are trying to learn to forgive and forget, but regardless of our efforts to help the other child we are learning to be grateful to have a loving family. I can see my family being closer together and finding time to spend quality time doing outdoor and indoor activities. I also found out that all of my 3 kids had weight issues, when they had their physical exams.

My oldest was at an ideal weight but was diagnosed with anemia and the probability of being blind from one eye. My son turned out to be obese. My little one was at borderline underweight. I felt I had failed them. I forced myself to stop dwelling on the negative.

My oldest daughter gone prescribed iron pills and she’s doing better. I have a scheduled eye specialist appointment at the end of the month. My son is losing weight and looking/feeling great. My youngest is really learning to eat more. We are so pro-active in our health that we are feeling pretty good as a strong family.


* Even if we don’t see ourselves changing, little changes STILL count!

*Sometimes change means being a better you…DON’T be afraid of change!

*When others see your positive changes, don’t be surprise if others begin to follow your good example.

*Don’t dwell on the negative!


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