171 days left

Day 194

I’m back! It’s been quite a month. It seems that we all decided to get the flu one after the other. I had to keep my oldest one home from school for two days. She got me sick, but I got better quickly. Then, my youngest daughter got it, but it was worse for her so she stayed home for four days. I got sick again, and I WAS trying to recover. My son got sick, but his immune system is stronger. I’m still sniffling around trying to get things done, but I’m glad that we are almost done with this flu. I’ve learned to carry tissues and a small hand sanitizer. Please be on the offensive when it comes to your health. Too many germs when kids are around! YUCK!!!

On a happier note, my husband and I have made our Annual-Las Vegas-Wedding Anniversary-Spring Break-Trip….woo hoo! We were planning on taking our kids with us, like we did last year, but they opted NOT to go. They told us that they could do without all that smoke. I was so excited to hear them decline our offer. I love them, but it’s always to getaway with my hubbie, especially to Vegas. It’s my only time that I can hang out with him with no worries. We get to drink, stay out all night, and just focus on each other (if you know what I mean, lol). We ALWAYS have such fond memories when we go there. Yes, sometimes we lose our money but it’s only money (we only gamble what we plan to lose). What I cherish the most is trying new places to eat, to visit, and it’s always nice when we DO win. For examle, last year I won almost a $1,000 in one night…talk about awesome! I used that money to take my little ones shopping, we ate at nice restaurants, and thanked God for the blessings. Oh, we also renewed our vows there a few years ago. Great memories!

Talking about great memories, I’ve been forgetting to capture those awesome family moments via photo. I’ve taken many individual and pair pics, but it’s hard to get them all in one frame without ruining the moment. We’ve been going out to eat a lot, but haven’t been out for real entertainment…maybe when the weather gets better.

I have so many projects going on in my head that I need to start organizing myself much better. I’ve even forgotten my checklists. Projects are great, but not when they aren’t planned out properly. Valentine’s Day is over and one project that I have in mind is getting my kids ready for St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t want my little ones coming home complaining that they got pinched…OUCH! I think I need to do some sort of holiday-project-calendar. I think I’m going to need a binder for all my projects, lol.

Let me see what needs to be part of my checklist:

> Holiday-Project-Calendar

> Dentist/Doctor/etc & Appointments Calendar

> My son’s IEP goals for his school

> Photography

> Cleaning/Organizing Schedule

> Birthday Calendar/Timeline…hmmm haven’t decided which to do

And so many more……can you imagine what my mind must look like, and this is just a list of the subgroups and NOT my entire list. I think I drive myself crazy at times.


* Stay organize, but plan it out

* When it comes to germs, be prepared!

* Time away from the kids is GREAT for your marriage.

* Take time to enjoy life and don’t forget to capture it on film.

* Checklists are awesome, lol!!!

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