158 days left

Day 207

How different life can be on a weekday versus a weekend!!!

I added a new app on my cellphone. Just like many apps, it allows me to input my weight gain/loss. My priority was to make me accountable for my weight-loss goal, but I noticed something interesting. During any typical weekday, I lost weight but I would gain weight on the weekends. What was the difference? I noticed that on the weekends, I didn’t do much housecleaning and my loving husband would buy take-out food (he doesn’t want me cooking, lol). Oh, I also wake up around 11 a.m. and stay in bed for as much time that I want. I think I was oblivious to this lazy pattern for so long, because I felt that I deserved it. I know that I definitely don’t deserve the weight-gain, so now what. I’ll admit it…I think it’ll be difficult breaking this habit.

Habits are tricky! It’s hard to get into good habits, but so difficult to get rid of bad ones!

Being a parent means assuring that our kids obtain good habits, especially for school. I just came to a shocking realization how bad my procrastination habit has been passed down to my oldest. She’s a great girl. Usually, she gets top grades but recently her grades have been suffering. I feel that I’ve been taught a lesson in humility. I feel that I want her to emulate my husband and me. I expect her to have a great life without struggling too much. I feel that my flaws have hinder her. So now what…again! Get over myself!!!

I know that we’re not perfect, but just got to keep on trying!

Good news though…since we’ve taken procrastination and kicked it to the curb, she’s doing much better now. She has a Science Fair Project and we’re almost done with it. I feel confident that she will succeed. I feel that we can’t do things in life on our own…we need to rely on others.


* Bad habits are a part of a pattern

* Catch the pattern and work to break it.

* Habits, like procrastination, can be broken, but sometimes we need others to help us.

* Don’t dwell on the bad things in your life…sooo not worth it.

* See life in a more positive light with a new beginning.

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