6 days left

Day 359

WOW!!! I can’t believe it has been almost an entire year since I started this…WOW!

So much has happened…I’ve been so busy! I think my life is completely different from a year ago. I hope I can completely update you on the changes. During this past year, my biggest problem was PROCRASTINATION! It affected my life in so many ways. It spun my life into a huge mess. It was like gaining weight. Sometimes, you live with it little by little until you step back and notice what you gained. It creeps up on you until you no longer can control it, like sweeping the mess under a rug. You can try to hide or ignore the mess you’ve made, but YOU know that it’s there. Even if you convince yourself that it can be ignored the mess becomes so big that you end up being hurt by it.

I can honestly say that I’ve a grasp on my procrastination. I am so proud of myself. Life is so much easier when I don’t push my problems away. I rather deal with them up front than deal with the consequences. It’s so weird how I don’t know how it happened. I think I just got fed up with the mess at home. I felt I didn’t want to disappoint myself as well as my family. Oh as I’m writing this, I’ve come to a sudden realization why I’ve been able to get a hold on my procrastination. It was right before my birthday. I realized that I was still fat and I hadn’t accomplished my goal of losing the weight. I decided to start working out on June 24. I’ve been working out like crazy since then.

You wouldn’t believe how the simple act of working out can change your life. I used to hate sweating. I loved being lazy. I also hated being fat, so I had to force myself to change. I also realized that my daughter would soon start high school and I felt ashamed to be a fat mom. I didn’t want to embarrass her. So, I started working out and wouldn’t you know it the fat began to melt away. I also gained confidence, and more energy! Cleaning and organizing our home has become a habit. Working out has become a habit. I’m providing my kids/family with a healthier menu. I/We pray more! I look forward to each and every day, instead of dreading it. I even think that my kids and husband are looking at life a bit different now.

What else has occurred? Well, I enrolled my daughter into a nice high school near my husband’s work, almost 30 miles away. I’m still waiting for my other kids to get accepted into that school district. Once that happens, I can start looking for a job in that location. We are still on a waiting list for low-budget housing over there, so at this point…it’s in God’s hands. My oldest daughter has had many appointments/evaluations for her eyesight. Her eyesight is getting worse, and we hope our next appointment at the Children’s Hospital will give us hope that she won’t go blind. My son’s medical insurance has approved his oral surgery, but I’m dreading it…my poor baby. When you’re a parent life really sucks when you’re financially low on funds.

It is so easy to feel down and be depressed, but I don’t think I want to live like that (anymore).  Life is too short! So many people in my life have lost their lives, have fallen ill, or are just suffering too much. I would like to think that my kids will grow up seeing the beauty and hope of life. We are always surrounded by negative people and tragedies that we can easily fall into a pathetic way of living. It is in our mindset that makes us stronger!

P.S. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue this blog, but you can follow me on Instagram (ldrmommy). Maybe I’ll do something different for the next 365 days ;D


Today’s life lesson:

* Exercise is not only good for you body, but for your life too!

* Don’t just hope you will change, set a goal…it makes it more concrete.

* Fight for yourself today, so tomorrow will be easier…You are totally worth it!

* Life may suck around you, but at least YOUR life can still be beautiful…it’s all up to you!

* When everything fails…pray and be patient! Just because you want something NOW, you may not get it until YOU are ready. It may not even be in the form you asked for it.

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