322 days left

DAY 43

Another day sleeping on the floor…I’m so sore! I also woke up very early to take my little sister for an early driving lesson. I think it went well or so-so, lol. I also made sure that my husband took care of my kid’s needs. It’s not fair to have him all day in bed when I have no money or groceries, and with the worries of how to feed my kids. He needs to start pulling his weight as a father. He can’t depend on me to do everything while he plays on the laptop.

I used to think that it was MY job to do all the cleaning, washing, cooking, and everyday duties with my children. My husband used to help me before, but stopped when I lost my job. I thought that without a job that it was my punishment to do something around the house. He used to scream at me because I would ask him to help me fold the clean laundry. I would have to clean around him while he watched TV. I guess if everything happens for a reason, then it’s to make me stronger. I will be stronger, and no more of a push-over!

I used to put up with a lot before, but today I made sure that he fed my little ones. He took them out to eat, but didn’t come home until five hours later. I was so upset because it was almost ten at night. The kids needed their rest especially the little one. She had stayed home yesterday from school due to a fever, and I still needed to give her medicine. The most upsetting part of this was not being able to reach them. I texted, called, but no answer. I don’t think he should keep me from my kids and shouldn’t ignore me when he has them. I’m so tired of his tantrums!


*Find the strength within.

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