330 days left

DAY 35

It seemed like such a long day. I guess it all had to do with the scorching heat. I made to put sun block on my kids and on me, but it wasn’t enough. I now have an unflattering tan right across my upper chest due to my purse. It worries me to think my kids being under the sun without me. When they’re in school I can’t be there to protect them and it drives me crazy. I’m such an overprotective mom. Sometimes it’s a great thing and other times it causes me to stress over things I can’t handle.

My lows…worrying about my kids. I’m a constant clock-watcher. My whole day is spent looking at the clock, counting down until the time everyone is home. I guess being a stay-at-home mom is torturing yourself about the safety and comfort of your family. I wait for them and wait and wait. It was my oldest daughter’s school party and she wouldn’t be home until after 5:30pm. Her leadership class had set up the party and she was “required” to attend. It meant that she would be riding the bus later than usual. I called her to stay safe, but my heart and mind wouldn’t be at ease. Luckily, she surprised me and came home earlier than I thought. She got bored and left early. When my kids get home on a hot day I make them wash-up, change clothes, eat, drink cold water, and stay in their room (they have an air conditioner in the room). So…once all 3 were home, I was happy and content.

My highs…going out for a night drive with my husband. It was such a long hot day that I asked my husband to take me out. We just drove and got an ice cold coffee…for about an hour, lol. I guess I just needed to recharge. It’s alright to get away, even for a bit. Oh earlier, I had made some chicken taquitos and some tasty rice. My little sister was home from college and she made a really nice comment. She came into the kitchen and said that it smelled good…that it smelled like home. It made me so happy!


*A home cooked meal can bring a family together.

*Take a moment during the day to recharge yourself.

*Make yourself happy.

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