331 days left

DAY 34

It was a very long day but fulfilling. I wasn’t looking forward to my oldest daughter’s Back-to-School Night but it was great spending time only with her. I knew that going to her school that all her teachers would only have good things to say about her. She’s in all Honor classes and usually gets A’s in her subjects. I can definitely say that I’m a proud mommy.

My lows…my lack of transportation. Yes, I don’t own a car and living where I live can become quite frustrating. When it’s a hot day and you have to walk everywhere to save money, then it becomes hard on the body. I had originally wanted to take my 3 little ones to my daughter’s school, but it’s too far and too expensive on the bus. I think round-trip would have been about $12 dollars, so I asked my mom to come home early from work to keep an eye on my two youngest kids. It took us almost 40 minutes to briskly get to her school. Our feet were aching and the humidity got us sticky from sweating all the way there. I had put on make-up but by the time we arrived it had all vanished. I’ve learned that make-up and beauty is overrated. I’m not saying that they don’t matter, but many women solely rely on them to emphasize their beauty. I want my kids to know that a woman can’t rely on her external appearance and not to worry how others view them. I don’t really had to worry about my daughters though. I do get plenty of compliments of how beautiful my daughters are and I’m not bad myself, lol.

My highs…my daughter. My daughter is beautiful, bright, smart, sensible, and simply amazing among other qualities. I got to spend time with her and it’s always so much fun. She has become my best friend and get along like sisters. It’s nice to hang out with her without worrying about my parental duties. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes down to her responsibilities (like homework and chores) I’m very strict and don’t put up with excuses. I think to be a parent there has to be a balance of being strict, patient, capability of incorporating fun, and most importantly having love in everything that you do. If you get mad at them, then love should be behind your reasoning as a life lesson and not an excuse. Many people say that they “punish” their kids out of love, but it should be that they “discipline” them to teach them right from wrong through love. Loving your kids is about teaching them how to survive this world without losing themselves. It is to make them great people. Kids can’t be afraid of you but to respect you out of their love for you.  It is in our collaboration with them that we become a great parent-child team. My kids know that I love them no matter what. I’m glad to say that their paths will be a good one because they are confident, strong, and compassionate individuals that are continuously seeking to improve themselves. Fun in their lives is as essential for their wellbeing as it is for the parents. I love that years of hard and I mean hard work put into my kids’ lives are coming into fulfillment in the form of happy children.


*Nourish kids with love!

*Incorporate fun in your relationship with your children.

*Don’t succumb to punishing but learn the difference between it and discipline.

*Loving parents means happy children.

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