329 days left

DAY 36

Another hot day, so out we went. We couldn’t stay at home and roast. We had decided to take the kids to the park, but not just any park. We got on the freeway and drove to the Korean Bell of Friendship and Bell Pavilion. It’s a beautiful place. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It has a huge decorative bell, a playing apparatus for the kids, a basketball court, and an underground museum. My family and I have been going to this park for years and years, and never knew about the museum until today.

I was taking photos of my kids by the bell when a nice veteran came up to us. He had asked us if we had ever visited the museum. Such a nice man! I was so intrigued, but too hot. My husband and I looked at each other trying to decide if it would be worth venturing into the sun. So I forced myself out of my comfort zone, out of that nice and cool shade, and began to walk. I knew that my little monkeys would soon follow. I told them that we needed to go exploring. It was actually quite fun! It was a new and amazing experience. We had walked over to the dry and dusty hill when we could see trenches. It was an old army post used in WWII. It was the Fort MacArthur Museum.

There was another treat when we climbed down. On the other side of the hill we also got to experience a car show of beautiful antique vehicles. We also got to see the little cemetery used for the K-9 dogs that died helping our country. Who knew our day would turn out this way? I’m glad that I took tons of photos. It turned out to be a very memorable day.


* Leave your comfort zone…you never know what you may find out.

* Try something new and be spontaneous.

* Always carry a camera or a phone with a camera feature.

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