342 days left

DAY 23

Aaaahhh!!! My shoulders, arms, legs, and feet hurt so much…stupid sunburn! This is what I get from not planning correctly and procrastinating on getting the right SPF sun block. I woke up in so much pain. It hurts even when I move. Then, I remembered that I had anticipated a sunburn before and saved a pin on the pinterest.com site. I applied the remedy and it felt so much better. I tried to rest and not do much, but found myself playing games on facebook.com. I realized how addicted I am to those games. I can easily spend hours on a single game.

My low…the sunburn also gave a headache/fever, and an earache. My kids kept accidentally irritating my burned areas, and I had to make sure to stay away from them. They thought it was hilarious! I guess it is, but I’ll laugh about it later. I also realized that I have a very addicting personality. While playing those games, I kept thinking only 5 more minutes, then I’ll stop. Another 5, then another 5, and then I knew that I couldn’t stop. I’ve seen this pattern before…with other games, food, with my kids, my school, and even at work. My dad used to be an alcoholic and drug addict. I was always afraid that I would turn out the same way. I’ve been able to monitor my drinking (I only drink up to 2 on average) and I thought that I was doing well. Addiction can take over you and change your life. I can’t ignore the addictive patterns because it’s another trait…no flaw in me that needs to be fixed. How do you fix an addiction?

My highs…my mom surprised us and bought us some KFC meal for everyone. It was so nice! I didn’t have to cook, got to rest, and I went shoe shopping for my kids. I have only one son who is 9 years old. When we went to choose his new shoes, I noticed that we have the same shoe size. My little boy is no longer little! He thought that it was awesome that I can actually wear his shoes, lol. It’s the little things that make my day. It makes the bad feelings and pain go away. I’m so glad that I’m so close to my kids.


* Realizing that addicting patterns can affect my life.

* Look up how procrastination, laziness, and addiction are related.

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