343 days left

DAY 22

Woke up today knowing that an awesome day would be ahead of me! We would be taking the kids to the beach in the day, and date night with my husband at night.  Last year, we missed out on taking the kids to the beach, so we made sure to make it memorable today. I didn’t want to hull too much stuff so we just took the essentials: Sun block, snacks, drinks, towels, chairs, and a camera…oh and a tanning lotion for my oh-so-pale legs, lol. Later, my husband took me to a new (too us) casino where I was able to double my money, woo hoo!

My low…the beach is great and tons of fun, but having a BAD sunburn is horrible. I was the only one that got sunburned, and I’m guessing it’s due to my very sensitive skin. My poor planning had something to do with this. I should have anticipated that a SPF 30 is not enough for MY skin. Oh well, I guess my laziness will be teaching me a painful lesson.

My highs…having soo much fun at the beach! Can’t wait to go back! The casino was fun, but what I loved about our trip was stargazing. The night sky was incredible! We were able to see so many constellations. It made me think of taking my kids to do some stargazing. My procrastination has always kept me from doing this with my kids. I’ve thought about it for so many years, but have never gotten to it. Procrastination has robbed me of so many memorable moments and fun with my kids. It’s time to take my power back and kick procrastination to the curb. Thinking about it, procrastination robs you of your strength. Well maybe not, robbing indicates that someone/something takes it away but in this case YOU give it the power.



*DON’T give procrastination YOUR power and strength!

* LOL, take the right precautions when going to the beach.

*Planning and procrastination do not go together…choose the right one!

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