314 days left

DAY 51

Another relaxing day, or should I say another lazy day! We didn’t do much today since my family had spent the night. My husband has a day off tomorrow so my kids are excited that he’ll be picking them up and dropping them off school. I also have an appointment tomorrow so I’m also glad to get a ride. I hate walking in this heat and taking the bus in this community. I definitely need to find a job so I can afford having my own car. I miss having my own car! It saves so much time.

My lows…spending my day cooped up in my room. When my family is here my husband doesn’t like leaving our bedroom. I’ve noticed that if I stay with him, then it eases his emotions. Our room doesn’t have an air conditioner and it gets really hot inside, so it gets very uncomfortable.

My high…knowing that my marriage is still going strong. I guess it’s those little things that make a difference, like staying with him so he won’t feel alone. The good thing about Sundays is knowing that my sister and her boyfriend leave the house to go sleep at my sister’s home. My husband is happier when there are less people in the home. I think it’s his claustrophobia. After they leave, it’s usually my kids and us along with my mom that are left. It’s nice a have a nice quiet home to come to so I understand how he feels.


*Everyone needs to have a quiet home.

*Compromising a little bit of your time can allow you more happiness.

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