315 days left

DAY 50

We weren’t able to sleep in today. My daughter had a field trip at the Pasadena Convention Center. It was a hot day so I didn’t feel like staying home. I told my husband to go the same place. I thought it would be something and somewhere new to explore. I love Pasadena because it’s just beautiful. We ended up bumping into her and gave her some money to buy food. I think it made her really happy. It was a free event for students and their families. It was set up to give students the information needed for college and their future. I even got a free blood pressure test and a free cholesterol blood test. I only expected to be in and out, but we ended up staying for hours.

My high…spending time with my kids. It was great hanging out in a new city. We also got great information for my oldest daughter’s future. It got me thinking of how quickly time is passing us by. Like my son said, “five more years and she’ll be an adult!” Next year, my little girl will be beginning high school. It’s happening so quickly but it’s exciting at the same time. I love that we can talk about anything and she feels free to come to me for anything. I think being a mom, a good mom, means knowing when to say no and when to shut up and listen. I’m still learning how to balance both, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. My family also decided to get together to celebrate my mom’s birthday, so I was happy to see them.

My lows…balancing everyone’s stress. Imagine two little ones hungry, tired, and hot. Yeah, it’s a bad combination. They were pretty stressed out, so calming them down needed to happen quickly. We left the convention center and drove home. We got them cooled down and bought them pizza. It was a relief, but then came the moment when my happiness meant my husband’s stress trigger. He doesn’t like being around my family and their presence sets him off. I once said that I wouldn’t give up my family for him so I needed to balance both. I spent some time with my family, then excused myself and left with my husband.

I’m just glad that I could finally balance my different family members into my hectic life. It’s not impossible only complicated. Hopefully, it’ll be like it used to be when everyone got along great with each other.


* Learn your family’s stress triggers.

* Be spontaneous and check out a new place.

* Learn to balance your happiness with that of others.

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