352 days left…

DAY 13:

I live in a neighborhood that lacks pride. Every morning and afternoon, I walk to and from my kid’s school. My kids are exposed to things that can make some cringe, and for others that have no high expectations it has become the norm. I feel ashamed, sad, and frustrated to have my kids live through this. Daily and I mean daily, we walk over trash, and feces. We have to put up with the stench of marijuana, and constantly see and smell dead animals on the street…appalling offensive odors. My kid’s schools are not the safest. The elementary is now a closed school (parents are not allowed on campus without the staff permission) ever since last year that a lunatic went into the school and attacked the children. The middle school is constantly having the police go and arrest someone around the school, and dealing with violent students within the school.  Profanity is the norm when it comes to the parents. Lack of discipline is also appalling. We used to live in such a nice neighborhood and now we have to put up with such a community.

My lows…physical exhaustion, still. I think I’m coming down with something. I feel so achy and my throat is getting a bit sore. Other than my body giving out, my mind is still productive.

My highs…I’m creating goals for my children for this school year. Every year I do the same but never follow through. My girls are usually at the top of their classes, but my son hasn’t had that type of luck. I’m hoping to get him to reach Proficient/Advanced Level in his studies. It’s great that his new teacher will be helping me to reach my goal. His 4th grade year will be a tough one, and challenging. It will also be the year that becomes life-changing. I just have to focus myself long enough to guide him through it all. I think that’s why I’m not feeling well. My body and mind are overloaded. I can’t wait to see the outcome of this year. It’s kind of exciting!


*Don’t overdo it…Rest my body and mind!!!

*Focus and finish a task!

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