233 days left

DAY 132

My kids are on vacation. It’s super windy over here making it hard to get out of bed. I love it!!!

I’ve been wanting to visit my family but it won’t be happening until next week. My main goal is to finish organizing our home by the end of the year. My second goal is to work on getting my kids to the top of their classes. I want to make sure that my kids score high in their CST(California Standarized Test) scores this year. So much to do! Regardless of all of it, I feel so grateful that we have our home. Grateful that we have our health, and that we have enough food to feed our kids.

I remember in the past being so hungry. I would only have enough food for my little ones. They would ask me why I wasn’t eating with them. I would reply that I wasn’t hungry. I also remember having to go to the 99 cents store to buy christmas gifts for them. We couldn’t afford to shop anywhere else, so we look back at those times and my heart aches.

I’m so grateful that we’re able to provide for them. So many have never gone through hunger, or being in danger of living in your car, with your kids, or have others donate food/clothing to your family. I’ve learned to become humble and not care for my pride, as long as my kids are happy.  So happy that we have each other and that we’re all so happy! I don’t have many readers but I really hope that you can take the time to count your blessings.


* Count your blessings.

* Be grateful for the little things.

* Push aside your pride and let humility in.

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