243 days left

DAY 122

I kept having problems with my internet, so my husband FINALLY went to our service provider. Today, we finally got a new router for our wifi…yay! I missed my internet so much!

I have become such an addict of Korean Dramas (KD)! I just love them! I finally sent my kids to bed about an hour ago, cleaned up, and I will soon be watching my KD in a bit. Watching them fills up my day from the mundane. Whenever my brain feels overloaded from my everyday hustle and bustle, I take a sit back and turn on my laptop to watch a romantic/comedy drama in korean.

Everyone at home, my kids and husband, love playing games on the Playstation/DS games and I found my source of entertainment. I guess everyone needs something to look forward. I used to push aside my needs and I always felt envious of those around me…not anymore! Women, especially mothers, usually tend to do that to themselves but it only works against them.

Lately, I’ve been working so hard on getting our new place looking nice and organized, but it’s going so slow. It’s actually really frustrating! I wish I could get it done, so I could have more time for other things, like focusing more on my kid’s education and more time looking for a job. Regardless of my frustrations, I found myself thinking how amazing it is to have my home. It isn’t my in-law’s or my mom’s, but mine. I finally have a home in which nobody makes me put my things to the side. I have my own fridge where my own food can fit. I remember that I even had my dry-goods in a shelf way out in the garage, or even in my bedroom. I have come to a point in my life that I’m grateful for even the smallest things in my life. I guess all the suffering and struggles that I’ve gone through these three years have humbled me. I used to take advantage of what I used to have, and now I’ve gotten back what I had lost.


* Enjoy what you have NOW!

* Be grateful of even the smallest things!

* Everything happens for a reason.

* Find your OWN form of entertainment!

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