294 days left

DAY 71

I’ve noticed how difficult it’s becoming for me to daily update my blog. I kept thinking that I was really getting to be a huge procrastinator. The more I wanted to sit down and write, I just couldn’t. I ran it through my head so many times. I was so upset at myself for letting myself get this bad, but then I came to a sudden realization. I was getting things done that I didn’t realize how busy I had become. I used to have more time to be on my blog before, because I was lazy. I told myself that I would be honest with myself. Laziness and procrastination often won me over. I spent hours playing games online. I was either on Facebook or watching my korean dramas. When I wasn’t doing that and the kids were not home I would nap for hours. I think many people who procrastinate have difficulties acknowledging their imperfections. It’s like admitting that they are weak, and really don’t like pointing the blame on themselves when things go wrong. I’m tired of letting life knocking me down. I have accumulated debt, lost my job, and lost my home all because I’ve allowed myself to procrastinate. My inability to deal with pain, discomfort, and stress has pushed me alienate myself from prioritizing my life. So glad that my life is being set in order. I’m not used to dealing with so much now. Sometimes it makes my brain feel all squishy. So much has occurred in a single week that I’m amazed how much I can take.

Let’s see! How can I summarize this week? My blogs always has daily goals that I need to look out for and one of them was getting some sort of support group. Whenever I have a problem I let my friends know, so they can encourage me to deal with it. I’m in the process of probably of filing a lawsuit against my son’s school, and we just signed our new lease to our new apartment. I’m telling you my life is getting complicated which makes it easier for me to want to give up. I think for serious procrastinators, sharing life’s problems aids in pushing them to deal with life’s difficulties. I used to hide my problems, even from my husband, so I wouldn’t be forced to deal with it. It got worse little by little over the years. It’s such a bad habit to break.

I also believe in balancing the good with the bad. It’s not fair to feel your life with problems without some fun. We were also able to take the kids to a pumpkin patch farm. It’s an annual trip that we do in October. We get a wheel barrel and let the kids run around choosing their pumpkins. It’s so much fun! We also got to go out and eat at Shakey’s Pizza. I love that place because it brings fond memories of my dad. When I was growing up, he used to take us there. It used to be so different years ago. They would have this pianist who would request songs for some tip money. My dad used to take us there all the time, and give us our allowance. I’m glad that I can create fond memories with my own kids.

Life is becoming busy, complicated, and full of possibilities!

I think I’ll avoid any pitfalls in my life that will cause me to procrastinate. Instead of writing on a daily basis, I think I’ll update my posts on Sundays. I want to make sure that I don’t set myself for failure and disappointment. It’ll be good for me, because I get this nasty feeling of guilt whenever I know that I procrastinated. I’ll be having a VERY busy week and I can’t afford to get depressed. I need to keep up my momentum. So much to do! I still have to file more formal complaints against my son’s school, get all the proper documents in order, speak to a lawyer, and deal with the school staff. I also have to start purging through some items. I need to see what items will be packed, donated, and trashed. So much to do!!!


*Productivity overrides Procrastination!

*Replace bad memories with good memories.

*Figure out a plan to avoid an emotional burnout.


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