327 days left

DAY 38

Today my children got a day off from school. Their school district has added some unassigned days to their calendar.  This means not enough in the system for an adequate budget, so not enough money to pay the teachers and staff. I already got the calendar for the entire school-year and the kids have so many unassigned days off….so that means NO school for the kids. I don’t see how this is supposed to work. I hate politics, but most of all when a child’s education is pushed to the side.

I’m just glad that I don’t solely rely on the schools to fully teach my children. Sadly, I’ve learned that I have to take their education, their future, into my own hands. I’m constantly searching the internet for ideas on how to help my kids with what they are suppose to be learning. I can’t expect that they will be taught in an efficient way. I remember that in the past I didn’t have to worry about this, but then again we are living in the ghetto. Even the teachers have told me that my kids will excel, compared to the other kids, because my kids are so high and the schools are so low. I’m glad to know that my kids are succeeding but sad to know that those other kids will fall into through cracks.

I really want to find a job and move out to a nicer neighborhood where education matters. I’m fed up with this neighborhood and its low expectations. Living around the Watts area has become such a negative aspect of my life. I grew up around here, but moved out when I began college. Now, I’m back and hating it. It shouldn’t be this way. I should have my career, my own home, and be happy. I don’t understand. I’m not a very religious person, but I’m waiting for my miracle.

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