332 days left

DAY 33

The weather was amazing! So with that said, we had a less stressful day. The kids quickly finished their homework and I didn’t have to cook dinner. I remember a month ago when I felt life seemed so complicated and difficult. I wasn’t able to completely enjoy the little things. I had created this page to divulge my most inner flaws and exposed my most shameful secrets only to better my life…you know to grow stronger. Many times individuals hide themselves through the different “personas” that they’ve created throughout their lives. They, as well as for me, live life through the roles that have been assigned to them. I used to resent those around me because I felt my true ME had been pushed so deeply inside of me that I was only living to keep up appearances. I felt that I was trying to express myself but after so long I felt my true self didn’t fit my life anymore. I know it’s complicated to explain but I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has gone through this. Now after all this, have I learned anything? Have I regained my true self?

Someone’s true self is hard to recognize when it’s been so long you’ve been without it. Who is the real me anyway? Maybe next year, I’ll be able to embrace it but right now I need to learn how to nourish it. I’ve learned that I’m really messed up person who is really good at hiding the negative aspects of my life. I’ve also learned that life revolves around my family. Even right now, I feel I keep pushing my true self out of my way. I love to draw, to bake, and being creative is who I am but I can’t seem to fully reach for it. I don’t feel comfortable putting myself first, and tend to put other’s needs ahead of mine. I want to be care-free, travel, and just enjoy life! Having my family as a priority makes it difficult to fully embrace my indulgences. I can’t wait to break out of my shell and reclaim my life! I can’t wait to look back and see how far I’ve come.


*Appreciate the little things.

*Reclaim your TRUE self.

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