333 days left

DAY 32

Comfort changes according to your every mood. What I mean is that factors can influence it. I love my family but sometimes I can only handle them for so much. I like consistency and when someone else changes their schedule and it affects mine, then I feel so uncomfortable. It upsets me and I have trouble dealing with it.

My lows…my mom lost her job and she’s home during the day. I guess I feel my boundaries are being invaded. Usually, I don’t mind being around her in the afternoons and love being with her. Take the same situation but in the morning, and I feel uncomfortable. I’m used to being alone and I guess my stubbornness has created a situation more difficult than it should be. Is it just me or this normal for others as well? I decided to lock myself in my room and it made me feel better. I took myself away from that feeling so I wouldn’t have to resent her. So weird!

My highs…my afternoons, because my family is home. I went to pick up my son from school and it was so different from yesterday. He came running towards me with the biggest smile and a thumbs-up in the air. He had a great day…the teacher didn’t scream at him and didn’t bench him. I say that it was a great day! I treated him and his little sister to a soda from the store. It’s the little things that make them happy.


*Find your own comfort level and don’t let other factors from finding it.

*The mind can play tricks on us.

*Rejoice even the little victories!

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