334 days left

DAY 31

Tough day! It’s been a few weeks since my kids began school. My son and I finally had it out. I think we needed to let out some stress. Life is all about balancing the good with the bad. Sometimes it slowly creeps up on you and other times it slaps you so quick that you don’t have time to think of the correct action to take.

My lows…when I picked up my son from school, I knew right away that he had a bad day. Anger, disappointment, or even sadness can blind you from seeing someone else’s point of view. My son had apparently not heard his teacher correctly and missed several pages of homework last week. He gets a weekly homework packet and today was the day to turn it in. He doesn’t quite know how to handle someone screaming at him, and his teacher didn’t help much. Children need to learn so many skills to handle life. Stress also gets a grip on kids and it doesn’t discriminate. Ever since my son entered his first class as a special education student, I’ve needed to adjust my teaching skills. Regardless of my skills, I can easily get caught up with his emotional bursts.  Today was one of those days! We argued back and forth until I was screaming and he was crying. Once again, how did I end up here? I was so frustrated, because the root to this problem came from all the way since last week. He hadn’t listened to his teacher and he made a mistake about which pages to work on. I, on the other hand, trusted him in being responsible for his own homework. NOW, I know that I need to teach him HOW to be responsible. I needed to teach him that no matter what happens that I still love him. I had explained why I was upset. He had been so upset that all he heard was that I didn’t care about him. I was shocked how he had jumped to that conclusion! We finally came to a solution! Whenever he feels sad, angry, or just stressed he needs to ask to be “POWERED-UP.” I came up with this last school year. He loves playing video games like Super Mario Bros. and realized that he could relate to this. I told him that it didn’t matter where but he could ask me to power-up, which means a hug. It’s a special hug in which I transfer all MY strength, and love to HIM. I know that he can get EASILY overwhelmed and needs be reinforced, so we do this every day before school.

My highs…my kids! They are amazing individuals! Even when I’m teaching one child a lesson the other ones take it in. They are so compassionate and sensitive to others. They are so funny too! Whenever, I kiss them good-bye they always say, “Time to power-up!” You got to give children every opportunity to feel powerful! It’s like making sure that they eat a good breakfast before school. They also had to be nourished emotionally. It makes such a difference.


*Teach children stress-relieving skills.

*Don’t get caught up with someone else’s stress.

*Hugs are awesome and we ALL need them.

*Nourish children physically, as well as emotionally.

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