335 days left

DAY 30

Sometimes planning isn’t required in order to have a great time. I like to have high expectations for my kids. Some people look at kids and don’t expect much from them. I love it when my kids surpass my expectations and leave me in awe.

Today began as a lazy day but we soon found ourselves at the Norton Simon Museum (Pasadena, California) with the kids. I will admit that it was a bit too much for my little ones but I’m so glad that we gave them that experience. I had never been there before and I’ll say that it was a real teaching experience for all of us. Art, of course, is not without its nudity and religious ideals. I was constantly reassuring my son that a male and female body was part of nature and we had nothing to be ashamed. I also had to teach him who certain religious characters were and why artists needed to paint them during that time period. They learned the different Medias used to create art and the diversity within time periods and locations. We had amazing conversations and had fun deciding which ones we liked and which ones weren’t very good. I can’t wait to take them to a different museum. It had been on my to-do list and kept putting it off. We even lost track of time and didn’t realize that we had spent four hours easily going from room to room.


*Take advantage of every teachable moment with your kids.

*Be open-minded.

*Take a risk and realize that a child’s mind can handle more than you can imagine.

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