336 days left

DAY 29

Lazy day! I love lazy days when I can wake up late, when I have plenty of leftovers in the fridge, and chores are minimal. My husband had to work today so we didn’t go out today but it’s alright. Sometimes downtime on the weekends is also needed.

My low… having to deal with the after effects of a bad sunburn. I can’t wear any piece of clothing that has short/no sleeves. It’s horrible looking in the mirror. I don’t want to experience this again. I wish that those few hours in the sun didn’t have to end up in days of healing.

My highs…sleeping in and taking a nice nap later on. I was able to spend a nice day relaxing with my little ones. It wasn’t stressful and it was surprising that I didn’t really have to discipline my kids like other times. I’m glad to see that my hard work is becoming fruitful. I’ve noticed that they are beginning to take responsibility in their actions. They are realizing that their actions bring consequences or even rewards, depending on the situations. I’m also getting accustomed to cleaning up even when I’m not in the mood. I used to always put it off until later. Later would come and so would regret.  It seems that joy also comes out of discipline in us.



* Discipline is the road to having a serene mindset.

* Hard work does pay off…it just takes time.

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