337 days left

DAY 28

Oh how we look forward to Fridays! We spend a week running around: getting ready in the morning, going back and forth to the schools, getting chores done, cooking, getting ready for the next day and not going crazy.

My lows…weird and long day. This weather is crazy. It’s definitely California weather: hot, humid, and then windy and rainy. It’s never consistent. Just glad that I don’t have to be working in this weather! I used to be a teacher assistant and we would be required to be out in the scorching heat for at least an hour a day. I know that there are other people off worse but it still doesn’t minimize those horrible hot memories. What I don’t like about all this are my kids. I spend my day at home waiting for them, but I also spend my time worrying. I worry about how they are handling the heat. Are they drinking enough water, eating well, or if they’re getting a nose bleed? Believe it or not being a stay at home mom is not that great. Besides all that I have to do here it’s the head games that occur every day. Depression can sneak in without a doubt. When I step outside there are those moments that I turn my head and I see a person that looks like my dad. It’s like for a split second I forget that he’s gone, but then I remember and sadness eats me up.

My highs…remembering that my dad loved my kids. My kids are able to cope with his passing because he was so good to them. They are able to sit down to eat and pray for him with such good thoughts of him. My other high was seeing my kids to shake their booties when playing on the Wii. It’s hilarious watching them dance! It’s such a workout!


*Stay busy so depression doesn’t get you.

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