338 days left

DAY 27

Planning is so essential for a parent to keeping their children doing great in school. Today was a pretty good day because it was Back-to-School Night at my kids’ elementary. My son’s 4th grade teacher is amazing. I’ve always thought that working together with the school staff makes a child successful. His teacher will be personalizing each and individual child’s homework. She has been assigning the kids to view the elections, and will be setting up Parent-Workshops. Now, I don’t have an excuse to procrastinate.

My lows… came home tired and exhausted. Back-to-School Night took a lot of my extra time. I seriously expect to be there for 30 minutes only and ended up spending more than two hours. I usually have the kids do their homework early and we didn’t get back home until after 6p.m. They only had two hours to do homework and to have some down-time. Oh and to make matters worse my little girl got a nose bleed at school…she was NOT a happy little one. I even have a photo to prove it, lol.

My highs…planning like crazy! I made sure that procrastination didn’t get in the way.  We only had about an hour before returning back to the school. I still had to give my kids a bath, get rid of my daughter’s blood, feed them, and get some snacks ready for them. I still had to meet my oldest at the school, so she could join us. Since I didn’t have time to get make them dinner I had my husband pick up some pizzas. We even had extra time to hang out as a family in my bedroom. It felt great not running around like crazy, and screaming at the kids.


*Plan effectively.

*Don’t procrastinate and gain some extra free time.

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