340 days left

DAY 25

My dad died on Labor day last year but it wasn’t the end. The following day his brother, my uncle, couldn’t take the sad news that his brother and best friend was gone. I received the news the next day that the cops had shot him at his home. My heart ached even more! How could our family take another blow like this? It felt so surreal. I felt like I was trapped in some time of drama only seen on TV. This couldn’t happen in real life, not my life! I was devastated! I remember getting the news over the phone and trying to figure out how to tell the rest of the family. How could I give them even more heartbreaking news? I went to a numbing mode. I couldn’t allow myself to fall apart. Days later were followed my phone calls, family visits, family fights, therapy sessions for my kids, and finally the open casket viewing. I lost it there! I felt so alone and angry! What brought me back was my little boy. I remember hearing my cousin’s voice asking if anyone wanted to come up to the stage and say a few words about the two man lying in the front. My son, 8 years old at that time, whispered in my ear that he wanted to say a few words to everyone. So, we slowly walked up with many eyes looking at us. It felt like an eternity just walking up to the podium. My son began to speak and asked all those that were present to be grateful and that we should be looking at this as a time to be close. I couldn’t have been more proud. He reminded me of what I was always told them, “Everything happens for a reason.” Kids are so pure of heart and even he could see the positive side to life’s trials.

My lows…remembering that another great person was taken away from this earth. My uncle’s family was hurting today and as hard as I wanted to forget…they reminded me that it DID happened. I try to forget, so I won’t feel the pain. There are just some things in life that are impossible to erase from your mind because your heart has been branded with their love.

My highs…remembering that I’m closer to my family than I have ever been! It’s sad that it had to take their deaths to bring us together, but life is tricky like that. I love my family and life is too short to take them for granted. I just wish that the pain would go away, and that the happiness that I’ve obtain wouldn’t have come at such a high price.



* We aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow, so don’t take life for granted.

* Let your family how much you love them today!..and EVERYDAY!!!

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