344 days left

DAY 21

Family relationships can be so complicated. You can have so many roles within a family. I’m a daughter, sister, mother, wife, aunt, cousin, etc. and balancing each relationship can be tricky, especially in combinations. I try to please everyone, but there has to be a limit towards who gets what. I live with my youngest sister, 18 years old, and sometimes I’m tempted to baby her. I know that I can’t. My mom already has problems letting her grow up and now my sister is having trouble adjusting to the whole adulthood path. Since, I’m a mother and wife I make them breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It’s hard NOT to cook for her, but she has to learn to feed herself. The rest of the family EXPECTS me to cater to her, but I keep reminding myself that MY family, husband and kids, come first. I won’t be living with her in a few weeks/months, and I can’t have her absolutely relying on me for everything. I understand that it’s becoming a toxic relationship for me but my heart is having trouble breaking the enabler and co-dependent relationship.

My lows…this one was a difficult one. I made breakfast for my kids and I couldn’t help making extra for my sister and her boyfriend. I know I shouldn’t have but I did. When it came for me to make supper, I was so tempted to make extra for them but I forced myself to stop. I felt so guilty and ashamed that I couldn’t cater to her but it had to be done. They have to learn that eventually they have to learn how to cook, clean, and everything else in between.

My highs…like I had mentioned earlier, I made breakfast for everyone. I didn’t oversleep, and I made a great breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and a side dish of strawberries). Its nice hear my kid’s compliment me on a good meal. I got to cook great meals for them all day today, and I can say that I’m getting pretty good at balancing my time and duties. We had a nice relaxing day of games and enjoyed being indoors in a hot day. Oh, I also had some nice wine chilled for tonight. So, I’m off for today! I have to pop open that wine and have a good night’s sleep, lol.


* Prioritize family relationships.

* Remember that I don’t have to excuse myself for no one.

* Plan ahead!

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