345 days left

DAY 20

Procrastination can be passed on to your children? I think so! I guess it’s a horrible habit that we practice and our children learn to imitate. How is it that I know this? My oldest child is a great student. She’s an honor student and learns quickly. She’s great at many things and at imitating me also. I’ve noticed that in these past weeks that every time I ask her to do something she gives me an excuse. I would get so upset at her, but then I realized that it was my entire fault. I was the one that gave her the bad example. I’m the one that taught her to say, “I’ll do it later” and “I can do it tomorrow.” It’s so tempting to scream at her and give her a punishment when I know that it’s not her fault. Now, I think twice before asking her to do something. I don’t ask her to do something unless I’ve done it myself. For example, if I need her to fix her bed, then I think, “Have I done my bed already?” I realize that it’s not fair to ask her to remember to do something when I’m not even capable of doing the same. Talk about humility! It’s so shameful to ask her to do her chores when I can’t en manage my own. It took years to teach her to be a procrastinator, and I can’t expect her to undo this unwarranted skill in a few days. I think until she sees me get my act together that she will be able to manage her own priorities as well.

My lows…understanding that my child has to break an unpractical habit. She had to turn in a school project today and she didn’t finish it until 10:30 p.m. at night. She had her project assigned since last week, and her regular bedtime is 8:30 p.m. I had gotten mad at her for procrastinating and told her that it was her responsibility to finish it herself. I thought about it and realized that I was at fault too. I couldn’t get mad at her, because I was mad at myself. I sat with her until she finished. I was proud of her! She did a good job on her project, but I knew she could have done a great job if it wasn’t for OUR procrastination.

My high…4 day weekend is coming up and I get to enjoy a nice time with my kids and husband. I have to figure out our itinerary for these days. I’m so excited! I know that we’ll be taking the kids to the beach, and I’ll be going on a date with my husband. How awesome is that!?


* Be more understanding of my children’s flaws.

* Think twice before overreacting.

*DON’T PROCRASTINATE…talk about a reoccurring flaw in me…sheesh! 😀

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