347 days left

DAY 18:

Perseverance is becoming a common way of thinking in our household. So much has happened to our family, but we haven’t giving up. We are picking ourselves up and through encouragement helping others do the same. Parents become a child’s foundation. They are the pedestal that holds up their children for all the world to see. The world will be categorizing them as successful individuals or failures in society. Parents succeed as parents when their children can walk their own path with their head up high with great confidence. A successful mom is forged by kids keeping you on your feet, breaking up arguments, balancing meals, chores, harmonizing their different personalities, maintaining routines, and above else…not losing your mind! It’s so easy to give in to their requests. Children can make the smallest requests that can eventually affect their lives and even future. They will test you! They will plead with you for second/third helpings, candy, video games, and of course more TV time. Many parents rather give in than put that little more effort into their children. Learning to say no to them and teaching them to make the right choices is a long process. I often find myself repeating myself about a hundred times a day: they need to learn proper table manners, how to respectfully speak to others, how NOT to say profanity, how to solve conflicts on their own (without violence), how to appreciate education, and more importantly how to be grateful. So many times, I’ve seen a parent and child be absolutely rude and disrespectful to each other, and towards others. It only shows how the parents have given up and the proof is in the child. A child who feels loved and appreciated becomes a grateful child! When you put the effort, the time, and the love into a child….THEY WILL NOTICE! They will see your effort and they will put forth their own effort and learn to strive for their own self-worth.

My lows…to be honest, it was a really nice day!

My high…realizing that my children are striving to be the best of themselves. I can see how much effort they are putting into their schoolwork, their chores, and behavior. Yes, they still fight but they try to remember to be kind to each other (especially since I’m always telling them to love each other), to go beyond their teacher’s expectations  since I tell them how special it is to do good in school in order to be happy as adults), to learn that chores is a team-effort (since I let them know that it is part of life when they live on their own). Sometimes lessons take years to master. I always make sure they know why I ask/tell them what to do or why I make my choices regarding them. I tell them that I don’t want them to struggle through life like their mommy and daddy had to but to succeed where we failed. Love, love, love! I cannot make decisions about their lives without love! If I mess up, then I apologize to them. If I get upset with them, then I tell them why. If I hug them, then I tell them why. It’s important to teach them the value and importance of choices and consequences. We are holding them up and can’t allow our pride to bring them down. Strength in our love can only hold them up! Perseverance and love give us the strength to help them reach their potential.


*My choices and consequences affect my children.

*Persevere in my family strengths.

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