349 days left

DAY 16:

Change is one major and constant factor in life. It affects everything that you do and it’s always giving us the opportunities to grow us individuals. It should be embraced as a good challenge, because most of the time if we fight it, then we succumb ourselves to failure. How we react to it can make a huge difference in our lives.

My lows…just found out that my sister’s, who just turned 18, boyfriend will be moving in today (versus next month). It was kind of short notice, and I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily, they will be beginning college tomorrow and will also be spending 3 days at my other sister’s place. We are not comfortable with this decision since we have 3 kids of our own. He’s a good kid, but as a parent I’ll be on my guard. I’ve seen too much TV to know what could happen. I already know that my husband can’t stand him, so I can already foresee problems. Foreseeing this I asked my mom to make sure that he doesn’t get in my husband’s way. We are now more determined to find a new home to move out. Now, it’s a MUST! Change has come into my life again, and I have to figure out how to balance my marriage with this unexpected factor.  I can tell you right now that it’s going to be a VERY interesting week for me.

My high…staying at home relaxing! It was nice not doing laundry, taking/picking up my kids, and limited cooking. I got my kids ready for school early, cleaned up a little, and I got in my bed by 9p.m. I’m getting so good at balancing my time, lol.


*Find my priorities.

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