354 days left

DAY 11:

Alright, communication IS tough but necessary! Throw in some patience, and some nice advice from unbiased friends, and we have a functioning marriage. Many marriages don’t seem to work for many reasons, but lack of trying shouldn’t be one. Yeah, I could have asked my husband to pack up and leave every time we argue, but I see so much potential in our marriage, our future, and in him. We often joke around that we’re like the yin-yang sign, complete opposites. He’s the pessimist, the go-getter, and get-out-of-my-way ‘cause I’m coming. I’m the optimist, the let’s consider all things, and the oh-excuse-me did you need to go first so go ahead of me. It’s like a tug-o-war. You pull and pull, but the other team is also doing the same. Marriage becomes a war when you begin to compete for the prize of who won…who was right, and who gets to show off their victory dance. Now on the other hand, marriage becomes a stroll in the park when you begin to see it as a friendly game. I guess I see it in two different ways with this latter example. A friendly game in which both are in each end, with one winner, but no losers…you know the kind in which both are happy and go for drinks afterwards. The second version, both are on one side will competing together against the world/problems. Either way, marriage is seen as teamwork. We often get lost in ourselves, and forget about our partner/teammate that our marriage deviates from its course. We just have to have hope and trust that we can focus long enough to continue our destination.

My lows…I did poor planning, and ran low on groceries. I couldn’t make a decent lunch or dinner for my kids. So glad that kids love sandwiches (ANY kind will do for them)! I am also not done with my late spring cleaning, and it’s making me so sore and tired. I feel my back muscles achy, and my feet ache also.

My high…I got plenty of cleaning done, so proud of myself! My husband and I made up, and had a nice talk about what had been bothering us, and how to resolve it. He took us out to eat, and grocery shopping afterwards. Long day, but I’m glad to say it was VERY productive!


*Plan adequately when grocery shopping (a week’s worth is fine).

*A marriage should consist of two individuals with set goals for a happy marriage.

*Have an emotional emergency kit for your marriage:

> talk about the problem, for both of you (remember, both can have 2 different versions)

> apologize

> come up with solutions to prevent it from reoccurring

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