355 days left


Communication between spouses can be so complicated! There is no A to B answers, only a mess of options. Even though you may have a speech clearly laid out in your mind, the other person will force your speech to make some quick amendments. Is it possible for both to be right? Or is it both can be wrong? Who is to say? Mediators aren’t usually around to take in a couple’s intimate arguments on a daily basis, so what can one do?

My highs…I did some late spring cleaning. I reorganized my kid’s entire room. So many hours moving furniture, dusting, wiping, and organizing has gotten me extremely sore and exhausted. Do I hear the calories burning off…Aaahhh…yes, yes I do, lol!

My lows…my husband is still giving me the silent treatment, and refuses to eat at home. Oh well, his lose ‘cause dinner was delicious! Since he still doesn’t want me around him, I guess I’ll be sleeping, AGAIN, in kid’s bedroom floor. I guess I’m glad that I fixed up there room, since there’s more floor space for me. Ugh, so tired! Time to go take a nice shower and fall asleep! I should be able to sleep well tonight. Hopefully, I won’t wake up late like today, lol.


*Independence comes thru walking alone, and not having someone hold your hand.

*Don’t stress over someone else’s flaws.

*Doing something productive causes your depression to diminish.

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