356 days left

DAY 9:

I know that certain factors in life can never be mixed. I’m learning that the hard way, and it’s extremely difficult and painful. Some lessons force you to fall on your face, on a pile of sh*t. I wish that I wouldn’t have to be forced to suffer this way.

My lows…realizing that in-laws and spouses don’t mix, especially living together. A marriage should not allow in-laws to interfere. I wish that my life was much simpler. A happy marriage is between a husband and wife, not outsiders. Outsiders only become bias spectators. I just wish that I could make things perfect or at least close to perfect. I can’t wait to look at these moments and laugh. I can’t wait to look back and see the reason for going thru this. Life’s lessons are like blinders. We can see only pieces at a time. The entire picture isn’t allowed to be viewed until we are fully embraced by the lesson. I want to learn the lessons and get my answers right away, and not wait years to the see the meaning.

My highs…my sister came over to visit and it was nice to smile and laugh. I love my family, and spending time with them makes me VERY happy! I feel so relaxed and my anxiety goes away.


*Separate family issues accordingly.

*Treasure family moments.

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