358 days left

DAY 7:

What a hot, hot, HOT day! It slowed me down today, but it’s ok. I didn’t have much to do today. I kept thinking that I should begin to come up with my highs-and-lows for my day. Maybe doing so will allow me to differentiate my weaknesses and my strengths.

My lows…what are my lows? Hmmm? I guess it would be that I kept repeating myself. I don’t like to repeat myself with my kids or my husband. I expect them to listen the first time. I guess part of me sees it as really rude when someone doesn’t care to listen to your request, but then again…I am really a control-freak. Yes, yes I am…a control-freak! I hate to admit it, but denying it will only keep my true potential in the dark. How do I remedy it? Not sure where to start. I guess my expectations are too high for my family, and maybe I should practice repeating myself without blowing my top off. I guess it’s a training practice for all of us. Habits and routines are skills needed to keep me grounded, therefore keeping them happy.

My highs…its Friday and our family taco night! 😀  We all look forward to this day all week long. We get to eat some delicious tacos, and “I” don’t get to cook dinner. We don’t have to worry about early bedtime, or work the next day. It’s that great feeling that the weekend is here! Don’t get me wrong, I did do plenty of chores, but there was a more relaxed feeling about it. Life isn’t perfect, but when I get a day that it’s not bad…it’s good enough for me. I’ll take what I can…learning to be grateful of the small things, makes a huge difference in our perspectives. Life is good!


* Certain expectations have limitations, so learn to work around them.

* Be grateful for the small things!

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