361 days left

DAY 4:

My children went back to school today, after what seemed a life-long summer. I figured out that my stability comes from having a routine. Yes, how easy is that! I got them up early, so we wouldn’t rush it. I took them to school, and came back home. I made a mental list of what I needed to accomplish…got most of it done! I didn’t freak out about not finishing my to-do list, but realized that there’s always tomorrow. I focused on having my kids being happy, and that drove me to be productive. It’s not even dark outside and I feel pretty much done with my duties for the day. Earlier in the day, I pushed myself to focus and not procrastinate. I don’t have to deal with consequences, but the rewards of getting things done. I feel so relaxed and at ease, instead of feeling stressed out. It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt this way.

Sometimes, people who spent too much time together will eventually get on each other’s nerves. Time away from each other, even for bit, can make a huge difference in their relationship. Today was one of those days that gave me confidence on this concept. Now, will I feel the same way tomorrow or will an unknown factor throw it all off? What factors allow me to fall face first, or which ones allow me to rise to the occasion? Will my determination to stay focused remain steadily or will it fluctuate? By experience, I believe my focus needs consistency. I know, now, that laziness is a big factor that throws me off completely. Thinking about it, I’m not surprised! I often fall asleep at 1 a.m., or 3 a.m. in the morning. No wonder I get so sleepy! When I should be alert, my body and mind are fighting to stay awake.  It drives me crazy when I have to take care of the household, but I decide to take a nap. My sleep patterns are so off schedule that keeps me more alert after everyone at home is sound asleep.

I think it’s better if I have the same bedtime as my kids. Usually, I wait (procrastinate) until they go to sleep and then I decide to do all my chores. My argument had become, “It’s easier to do chores when the kids are not around.” Apparently, it’s not working. I want to be done before they go to sleep, and have time to read them a story or two…wouldn’t that be nice. I haven’t matured as much as I think I have. Let’s see how my new set of thinking works out tomorrow.


*Be consistent with my routines.

*Finish my household chores before the kid’s bedtime.

*Sleep early = more sleep = staying alert & more productive = happier ME.

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