364 days left…countdown

DAY 1:

Everything happens for a reason…right!? Well, I strongly believe in this on a daily basis. Maybe others would beg to differ, and that’s alright by me.  I’m the kind of person that needs to have hope dwelling in her heart, in order to survive…spiritually, mentally, and probably physically. I love interacting with people, and I’ve found out that we all have lived a tough life. I, myself, have a rough interior that begs to tear me up with all of my past experiences.  I’ve learned that my present and future depend on those experiences from keeping me from succeeding. Why go there? Well, throughout my traumatizing childhood (I’ll go through this in some detail later on) my memory has been greatly affected.  I have trouble remembering special moments in my life. Sometimes, I can remember the big moments, but most details elude my grasp.  For example, the memories of the birth of my children or their upbringing have become slightly choppy.  I want to preserve my memories and theirs for our future generations. In the recent years, I’ve learned that through photography it has aided me in triggering my memories as if they just occurred. I want to extend those memories and experiences into a greater realm of reality…more vivid…and just maybe an educated life lesson for my children and future generations. 365 days will be my goal time in summarizing my growth. I want…no need….to make everyday count.  I believe that every person that we interact with is there for us to learn from them, or for us to teach a lesson.  I find myself struggling everyday with all the what-ifs of my life’s choices. I don’t consider myself a religious person, but a more spiritual individual with faith that we are here for a reason. I believe our suffering and our struggles are not just a cruel joke from above, but a spiritual path that will bring us our inner strength. I want these 365 days to adjust my flaws, and push me to be an individual that does not settle for the negative aspects of living life. The world we live in throws at us sooo many pitfalls and sinkholes, and I refuse to stay down. I’m tired of living my life to the minimum. I want to be a woman that brings hope, strength, and perseverance to my children, as well as those around me. Here I am all pumped up over this new beginning, but I really have no clue how things will turn out. My primary goal is grow as an individual, but I think my actions and decision-making will need some adjusting.  Thinking about it, I might need to create mini goals, a bucket list, and most importantly create a support group. I KNOW I CAN’T DO THIS ON MY OWN! I want to share my path, and maybe even receive some advice. My life is worth fighting for….even more…a happier life is in my hands! Yes, it’s a dramatic statement but I can’t continue to sit back and let life pass me by. I want to be a productive, creative, and determined individual that lives beyond everyone’s expectations.


*Figure out my goals (small/large scale)

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